Let’s nourish your body with baby-loving nutrients, get you pregnant and have a healthy baby

We are a team of certified fertility dietitians practising research-backed nutrition treatment that holistically supports women (just like you) through pre-conception fertility, pregnancy, and women’s health.

Welcome to Fertility Nutrition

Hi, I’m Claudia Vavasour, the founder here at ‘Fertility Nutrition’ and a certified Fertility Dietitian. I’m a NZ registered Dietitian Nutritionist, expert contributor to Oh Baby Magazine and clinical mentor to other Fertility Dietitians. 

If you are struggling to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term, unsure of how to manage your pregnancy health, or battling women-specific health challenges like PCOS, we are here to help. I have hand selected a team of dedicated & certified Fertility Dietitians, who provide nutrition treatment, backed by research, to improve your chances of conception, optimise success of fertility treatment and improve your symptoms associated to women’s health conditions.

Our passion lies in the critical importance of nutrition during the first 1,000 days of life. This begins during the pre-conception period and lasts until around 2 years of age. Correct nutrition during this period impacts the health of your baby during development all the way to adulthood. I cannot think of a better calling than to help people create healthy families and give their babies the very best start to life.

Pre-conception fertility

Let’s make a baby! Harvard School of Public Health showed that 5 or more nutrition and lifestyle changes could improve fertility by 69%.


You're pregnant! Yay! Let’s nourish your body with baby-loving nutrients to reduce your risk for miscarriage and get on top of those pesky pregnancy symptoms.

Women's health

Are you battling a thyroid condition, endometriosis, PCOS? Science-based nutrition can alleviate painful chronic inflammation and regulate your hormonal activity.

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Nourish your body with baby-loving nutrients! Let’s boost your fertility with evidenced-based nutrition, support a healthy pregnancy, and give your baby the best start to life

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