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If you are struggling to conceive, unsure of how to manage your pregnancy health, or battling women-specific health challenges like PCOS, I am here to help.

I am an experienced dietitian practising science-based nutrition treatment that holistically supports women (just like you) through pre-conception fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and women’s health

Most health insurance policies will cover you seeing a dietitian. Check your individual policy for details.

What to expect

Expect a thorough and comprehensive nutrition assessment with highly qualified and experienced Fertility Dietitian and Nutritionist, Claudia Vavasour. “I tailor the nutrition science into achievable & sustainable changes unique to your needs, that are backed by science to work.” My practice is 100% virtual, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we use Zoom, Skype or Phone from the comfort of your own home or office. You can book an appointment through my website or by contacting me via phone or email. Most Health Insurance policies cover you for seeing a Dietitian.

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Virtual Nutrition Assessment

This is your virtual nutrition assessment with Fertility Dietitian, Claudia Vavasour. I conduct a comprehensive nutrition assessment considering body composition and weight history, review of blood test results and a plan for further testing if required. Medical and family history, medications, supplements, lifestyle and physical activity. I undertake a detailed gut health assessment and take a deep dive into your cycle health. Additional factors such as sleep, stress and mental wellbeing are considered as well as an in-depth dietary assessment.

I will then formulate a tailor-made nutrition treatment plan unique to you and backed by science to yield results


60 - 90 minutes


A nutrition assessment provides

  • Nutritionally balanced recipes created with the help of a talented Cook, so they taste delicious
  • Meal Plan with portion size guide
  • Pantry Staples list
  • Personalised nutrition treatment plan backed by the latest nutrition science to help you achieve your goals. 
  • Nutrition Supplement regime (if needed) and I source them for you too
  • An action plan with realistic, achievable & sustainable goals
  • Knowledge of the key nutrients required for your age and stage
  • Food Diary template 
  • Visual resources
  • A clinic letter for your specialist fertility doctor, GP and other health care professionals involved in your care
  • A holistic nutrition plan which is backed by science from a highly qualified Fertility Dietitian and Nutritionist
  • Written resources for your future reference 

NEW: Express Supplement Consultation

30 minute consultation specifically designed to tailor your preconception supplementation to your individual requirements. Receive a personalised supplement regime and feel confident you’re taking the right supplements at the right doses to help give your baby the best start in life


30 minutes

Progress review

This is where you receive the coaching and support from me that will fast track results. Evidence shows that regular support from a Health Professional will more likely result in sustainable behaviour change. Meaningful change can be challenging, this is where review appointments yield results.

I pride myself on offering thorough and supportive follow-up. This is what one client had to say…

“Firstly I want to thank you sooooo much for your help, persistence and postivity. 
You really helped break down a weightloss barrier which I had been struggling with during my fertility IVF journey. I want to say a huge thank you! Because with your help I was able to drop the weight and start a new round of IVF 🙂 This has been successful and I am now 9 weeks pregnant!” M. Christchurch
In these consultations, we will measure the results of your nutrition treatment and also make any required adjustments.
The amount of review appointments needed varies from client to client. We will discuss your personal requirements at the end of your Nutrition Assessment. I do offer programs for those requiring ongoing accountability with support and coaching for results and we can discuss this at your first appointment.


30 minutes

Nutrition Plus alliance

I am excited to represent New Zealand as the first NZ affiliated member of the Nutrition Plus alliance. Nutrition Plus is a group of experienced dietitians across New Zealand and Australia specialising in reproductive and prenatal nutrition. Becoming a member requires extensive assessment.


Pre-conception fertility

Let’s make a baby! Science-based nutrition and hormonal regulation play an important role in successful conception and supporting fertility treatments.


You made a baby! Let’s nourish your body with baby-loving nutrients that will impact your baby’s physical and mental health through development to adulthood.

Women's health

Are you battling a thyroid condition, endometriosis, PCOS? Science-based nutrition can alleviate painful chronic inflammation and regulate your hormonal activity.

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Nourish your body with baby-loving nutrients! Let’s boost your fertility with evidence-based nutrition, support a healthy pregnancy, and give your baby the best start to life.

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